‘No Hate, No Fear’ March Makes Jewish History

The recent “No Hate, No Fear” march brought together 25,000 people, who took to the streets of Brooklyn, and likely was the most massive demonstration on behalf of Jewish safety in modern history. However, the event was extraordinary not just because of its size, nor even its ability to unite Jews across the religious and political spectrum — despite our notorious culture of intracommunity disagreement. What really made the “No Hate, No Fear” event monumental was that in these past three years,

Kamala Harris’ Plan to Fight White Nationalists Can’t Die with Her Campaign

Kamala Harris, who suspended her presidential bid on Dec. 3, never dominated the polls. She lacked Elizabeth Warren’s economic expertise, Joe Biden’s nostalgia with voters and Bernie Sanders’ populist ideology. However, there was one crucial thing only Harris had: a plan to stop white nationalists from terrorizing America. The remaining contenders have provided more lip service than policies. “White supremacist extremism is currently the most lethal form of extremism in the U.S.,” American Uni
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